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Have you ever pictured something in your mind and then had it appear right in front of you? We have…all the time. That’s what we do:

We Are Visual Ideators

The entire team at Nichole Fowler Creative is dedicated to Visually Thinking Big.

Visually Thinking Big means understanding the direction a client wants to go, and more importantly, guiding them to where they NEED to go. It means being able to craft that focus into creative branded solutions that are visually impressive and thought-provoking. And it’s this dedication to Big Picture understanding that allows NFC to be a boutique agency with big brand expertise.

We collaborate with you to visually and conceptually charge your message with a uniquely authentic and memorable voice.

We want you to share the possibilities with us.



We start by asking better questions. Questions that get to the heart of your brand’s attitude. That leads to us delivering better answers:

  • Ideation and Exploration
  • Integrated Communications
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Multi-category Systems
  • Brand Style & Character
  • Event Graphics
  • Infographics
  • Print Collateral Design
  • Retail Environment Design
  • In-Store Signage
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The digital world sometimes requires a digital translation from a brand strategy to the delivery of bits and bytes. Understanding the uniqueness of your digital dialect and bringing that message to life behind the glass of a monitor, a mobile device, or a screen is what our Digital Translation is all about.

  • Integrated Campaigns and Platforms
  • SEO and Content Creation
  • Big Idea Concept Platforms
  • Retail Touchpoint Experiences
  • Social Marketing Programs
  • Mobile Marketing Programs
  • Email and CRM Marketing Campaigns
  • Rich Media and Banner Development
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By Design

There are no boundaries when building a truly intimate relationship with our customers. This is “Winning By Design.” A customized experience tailored to each client, each brand, and each individual. Whether it is side-by-side development of a brand strategy, or working on the nuts-bolts of a digital campaign, our alway-on interdisciplinary teams create multifaceted experiences that connect people to brands in harmonious, meaningful, and emotional ways.

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